Renovating a home…
Redeeming an industry.

Renovating a home…
Redeeming an industry.

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As a locally-owned contractor with two decades of experience in Southeastern Wisconsin, we have the expertise to adequately assess the overall condition of your home and provide real solutions that meet the demands of our harsh weather and regional terrain. We work to earn your trust and honestly share our industry knowledge so you can make informed decisions on how to proceed with your home remodel or improvement project.

We proudly offer full design and build services for interior and exterior renovations—for any home remodeling project!

We Understand the Science of Homes

With over 20 years in the business, our team has worked diligently to bring integrity back to an industry crucial to the safety and stability of families everywhere. We started by offering top-quality roofing and have organically grown to meet our skill level and knowledge in siding, gutters, soffit, fascia, windows and most recently, remodeling. We understand the science of homes and work to provide reliable and total solutions for our clients using the most vetted and advanced technology available.

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Most of our business comes from word of mouth – we rely on your satisfaction today for our work tomorrow.  We care a great deal about our character and reputation and we have a strong reference base from homeowners throughout Waukesha and Milwaukee counties as a result. Look through our portfolio of work to find out why our clients recommend our services to friends and family across Southeastern Wisconsin.

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Explore an interactive map of all of the projects we’ve completed throughout the state of Wisconsin. Our project map allows you to filter by area or type of a project, and also shows photos and satellite images of each project along with testimonials from our satisfied customers.

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“If I need further repairs done to the rendering on my house I shall not hesitate to use Big Fish Contracting…”

“I would recommend Big Fish Contracting to anyone. They are efficient, clean, reliable…”

Industry Advice

At Big Fish Contracting, we believe if providing real solutions that add value and security to your home. We work with you to create an effective plan to improve your home, following the right steps every time. We continually write informative articles to educate our clients and help them make the right decisions for their home. For more information on roofing, siding, and remodeling, check out our Industry Advice.

  • Graphic displaying the article title over an image of a roof in need of replacement

Five Common Home Exterior Problems That May Mean It’s Time to Replace Or Repair Your Roof

Being in the Wisconsin roofing and exterior renovation business for over two decades, we’ve run into our fair share of roofing problems and can usually pinpoint the cause of those issues after a quick assessment. Exterior Issues You Should Keep an Eye On Here are some common home exterior problems that we run into that are often a signal that it’s time [...]

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Windows: Choosing The Right Style For Your Home

A beautiful window offers so many wonderful benefits: they let light into your home, offer views to the outdoors, and help to make your space feel more open. Quality windows will even provide better insulation that can lower your energy bills, provide security from outside elements, and improve the aesthetics of your home. Is it time to replace your windows? If your windows are [...]

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We understand that it’s more than just getting a job done, it is about doing it right. If you are interested in starting a home improvement project, reach out or request a call back and we will happily meet with you at your earliest convenience to see how we can add value to your investment.

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