Construction Trends for 2019

We’re two months into 2019 and it is clear that some 2018 interior design and remodeling trends are here to stay. In this article, we outline top construction trends to help you find inspiration for timeless design with lasting value for your next home remodel or improvement project.

Open Space Floorplans

Creating open spaces is a popular trend that has been gaining incredible momentum in the past year. In fact, you will see the idea of an open concept scattered throughout this article, because it is, arguably, the defining trend of the modern home. Open spaces can be accomplished in several ways and generally includes opening up two different rooms into a larger, more open space. Many times, people choose to open up their kitchen to a dining room or living room. Creating these larger spaces not only opens up a once-congested room and adds greater accessibility, they also help to connect family by creating shared, multi-functional areas throughout the home. Removing walls is a simple way to connect and open up your home, and it’s not just for kitchens. Consider creating shared spaces in your master suites basements.

Enhanced Spatial Functionality

Enhancing the functionality, connectivity and accessibility of a space, in and of itself, is a newer trend on the market. Home buyers are looking for the best value possible per square foot, and multi-functional, accessible, and technologically compatible spaces are the best way to achieve this value.

New technological advances like “smart home” appliances enhance the ease of use and accessibility of a space by making common household appliances safer, more cost-effective, and easier to use for the young and old. Enhanced safety features include mobile device-controlled security systems, cameras, and electrical outlets to make sure a home is secure even when the family is away. Smart refrigerators save on energy and notify owners when they are running low on certain items. Voice command for electronic devices like televisions and music players allow the young and old to operate them with ease. Automatically-adjusting thermostats save on energy bills. There are even toilets that light up at night for safer nighttime experiences. Technological features like these easily increase the functionality and comfort of a home.

Homeowners are looking for accessibility beyond user-friendly technology – they are also becoming more conscious that their space should comfortably accommodate their needs as they grow older. In fact, many homes have multigenerational families, including aging parents or young children and these homeowners would like to accommodate their special needs. An open concept design makes a home more accessible by removing unnecessary walls, creating larger spaces in the home, widening hallways and doorways, and removing obtrusive ledges, among other adjustments.

Adding a Mudroom

What’s more functional than a mudroom when you have a house full of kids and/or guests?  Mudrooms are generally located directly through the front or back door of a home and they are ideal spaces for dirty shoes, coats, lockers, or extra clutter that needs to be stored away. These rooms can also be multipurpose and include a washer and dryer. A mudroom is an ideal way to decrease the mess in your home while adding extra space and storage.

Luxury Basements

Basements are no longer a dark room for laundry or storage. In the world of modern homes, basements are being repurposed into fully furnished spaces that can serve a multitude of purposes. Many clients have transformed their basements into guest suites, offices, home theaters, playrooms, and “man caves,” just to name a few. These luxury remodels generally include key design concepts like lightening the trim, walls, ceilings, and adding wood floors to maximize the spacious appearance.


The idea of free space or open concepts do not stop with basements and living spaces. Bathroom remodels have grown in popularity as trends in bathroom appliances have changed dramatically. Tubs are no longer “in” and are rapidly being replaced by open, freestanding showers. Large, walk-in showers not only add to the open concept of a home by creating more space and function in a bathroom, they also add visual appeal and a sense of true luxury.

Kitchen Remodels: Three Noteworthy Trends

Similar to bathrooms, kitchens have been, and likely always will be, one of most redesigned, remodeled rooms in a home. We’ve already mentioned that technology and open concepts are two major factors in kitchen remodeling, but there are three noteworthy interior décor trends that we believe will be prominent in not only in the kitchen but will carry through to the rest of the home as well.

The first trend is the chic farmhouse aesthetic —a rustic design involving wood-based elements such as butcher-block counters or sliding barn doors for the pantry or closets. Natural wood is very much involved in this design, bringing warmth and grounding structure while requiring little effort.

The second design trend gaining popularity is mixing metals for a clean, industrial appeal that reflects natural light while matching any color. Metal has shifted from use as a small accent to becoming the focal element in a kitchen and home. Popular metallics include dark grey, chrome, brasses, and golds.

A third element growing in popularity is the use of unique tiling. Tiles, such as the increasingly trendy subway tile backsplash above a countertop, add visual appeal and a dose of fun personality into a home design without being over-the-top.

A clean, bright, and open home design grew in popularity throughout 2018 and will continue to set the trend for all of 2019 and beyond. Design elements such as. unique tiling, metals, and rustic wood are a simple way to incorporate a unique take on a timeless, clean, and open design. The possibilities for open concepts including these trends are endless. For more information on home remodeling or improvement projects or to get started, contact Big Fish Contracting for more information and a free estimate today!

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