Our Process

We Keep It Simple

Finding the right contractor can feel overwhelming. Whether looking for immediate repair or replacement work or finding the right team to turn your remodeling dream into a reality, there is a lot to consider. At Big Fish Contracting, we work to make your decision as easy as possible. Using advanced technology, we can evaluate your home and provide you with a detailed quote at the touch of a button. We carry our samples with us, we’re experts in navigating insurance claims, and we use 3d rendering techniques to ensure your plans meet your vision.

Faster Quotes. Accurate Numbers.

When you’re in need of roofing, siding, or remodeling services, give Big Fish Contracting a call. We’ll use your address and satellite technology to evaluate your property and needs and create a custom, detailed quote for your review. We have the ability to provide you with key information like materials needed, potential waste, and time to completion to help you choose the right contractor.

Big Fish Contracting continues to pursue the most advanced technology in the industry to provide the best service to home and business owners in Southeastern Wisconsin. Using programs like Hover, Eagle View, and iRoofing, our experienced team can evaluate your home using satellite technology and create a detailed and accurate quote faster than ever. Using these precise measurements, we build technical drawings of every angle of your house and determine, with pin-point accuracy, the amount of material needed and label each component of your roofing system for your review and approval. We understand that roof replacement is a large investment and we use this technology to limit material waste and make every dollar count.


Selecting the Right Materials

With over two decades in the business, we have had a lot of time to sample, review, and select the best roofing, siding, and construction materials capable of withstanding tumultuous Wisconsin weather. When we meet to review your quote and evaluate your project, you’ll work directly with Erik, the owner or our head project manager to find the best materials to meet your needs. To better help your decision making process, our team always carries samples of our building materials with them to help you visualize your repair or remodel. If you need a larger sample to help make a decision, our team is happy to source one and bring it back for your review and approval.


Watch Your Project Come Alive with 3D Rendering

When you work with Big Fish Contracting on your remodeling or new addition project, you’ll sit down with Erik to review 3D renderings of your new space, discuss the measurements and timeline, and select the right materials for your needs. You will work with our architect and interior designer to generate 3D renderings of your project to see exactly how your vision comes together before we ever break ground. From major details like materials, finishes, and trim to small details like lighting fixtures, accessories, and shelving, our 3D rendering technology allows you to work out every single detail. At Big Fish Contracting, we are all about helping you make decisions and we’ll guide you, every step of the way, to ensure you are confident in your choices before any work is done.


Setting Your Project Timeline

After we’ve reviewed the options and finalized your contract, we will add you to our production schedule based on your availability and needs. New siding projects are generally schedules three months in advance while roofing projects can be booked as early as four to six weeks out. When you work with Big Fish Contracting on your roofing, siding, or remodeling needs, we’ll give you a detailed timeline of the work and keep you updated on our progress.

When You Need Emergency Repairs

At Big Fish Contracting, we know that damage to your home or business doesn’t happen on your timeline. We intentionally build our production schedule with additional space to address emergency repairs for clients in need. We offer immediate assistance to ensure that families can remain in their home during the rebuild process. We understand that when it comes to your home, you don’t have time to waste. When you need emergency work done, contact Big Fish Contracting right away!

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