New Construction Roofing

New Construction Roofing

When building your new home, choosing the roof is equally as important as building a strong foundation. The roofing industry has come a long way and there are more styles, materials, and options to choose from now, more than ever. Work with Big Fish Contracting on your new construction project to find the best roof fit for you and your needs.

A New Roof in No Time at All

We’ve installed a lot of roofs in our day – from small structures to large-scale hotels, we have seen it all. We’ve honed our process and found the very best suppliers to give you the best roofing solution to meet your specific needs. Most of our roofing projects are completed within 2 days and we keep you informed during the process to get you one step closer to living in your new home.

Select Your Style

You will likely work with an architect and designer to determine the aesthetics of your new home. If not, Big Fish Contracting has an in-house design team to help you identify the roofing style that matches your taste and personality. Roofs can be seen from all angles and are an important aesthetic component to your dream home. It’s important to ask questions and find the right style for you, early in your home-building process, to make sure your entire design is cohesive. Advancements in our industry have created more options than ever, from shake-style to barrel tiles, metal to wood, and everything in between. Your roof is going to last you at least 20 years so find something you know you’ll love for many years to come. Check out our roofing portfolio for some inspiration!

Roofing Portfolio

Roofing Materials to Consider

When it comes to roofing, there are three basic types of materials to consider: asphalt, wood, and metal. When considering which option is the best fit for you, consider what qualities you are looking for:


Durable-Icon Durable

EasyMaintenance-Icon Easy Maintenance

Aesthetics-Icon Aesthetics

EnergyEfficient-Icon Energy-Efficient

LongLasting-Icon Long-Lasting

LowCostReplacement-Icon Low-Cost Replacement

DiverseApplications-Icon Diverse Applications

Once you’ve determined what characteristics are most important to you, check out your options. To make things easier, we’ve complied basic information on each type of roofing material for you. Select the roofing material you are most interested below to learn more.


Cedar Shake


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“If I need further repairs done to the rendering on my house I shall not hesitate to use Big Fish Contracting…”

“If I need further repairs done to the rendering on my house I shall not hesitate to use Big Fish Contracting…”

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