Remodeling & Additions

Remodeling & Additions

Our remodeling services include the planning, design, and build out of new additions, kitchens, master bedrooms, bathrooms, basements, or even your entire home!

Home Remodeling and Renovation

Big Fish Contracting has expanded our long-standing reputation in the exterior remodeling world to interior spaces as well! We have a full suite of advanced design technology that will help you transform your vision into a custom, functional, and beautiful space. With these capabilities, you can tour your new space and finalize all the details before we begin building. Our remodeling services include the planning, design, and build out of new additions, kitchens, master bedrooms, bathrooms, basements or even your entire home!

New Additions

There are many reasons to add a new addition onto your home – they are a flexible way to extend your footprint and add to your living spaces. New additions can be used to create a new master suite with master bath, extend the space of your kitchen and dining area, upgrade your entertainment spaces, or even add much needed storage to your home. Big Fish Contracting has the experience to build an addition that blends seamlessly with your existing structure with functional features like electrical, plumbing, luxury windows, stair cases, and more.


The kitchen is the center of the home – it is where families come together and share their experiences over a good meal. It’s also a space that requires intermittent updating based on new technology and styles of appliances, growing family size, and even to accommodate restaurant-level cooking aspirations. Newer appliances can require larger spaces, new electrical set up, and new pluming. Updating your kitchen will not only allow you to future-proof your space for these advancements, it can also help create new storage, new work spaces like islands, and updated cabinetry that adds both beauty and value to your home.


Many times, basements are left unfinished or partially finished, but these spaces are the perfect way to add value to your home and extend your footprint without adding additional square footage. There are a world of possibilities when updating your basement including guest bedrooms, additional bathrooms, bars, game rooms, entertainment rooms, functional storage, craft spaces, and more. Work with Big Fish Contracting to add tremendous value and visual appeal to your home today!


Bathrooms in older homes tend to have outdated plumbing, treatments, and fixtures that can leave your home feeling drab, or worse, they keep you busy with constant repairs and intense cleaning. Advancements in bath and shower fixtures not only help to update a home overall, they also create more comfortable environments in a room that we use most frequently. Bathroom remodels can include adding jacuzzi tubs, walk in showers, steam showers, single or double vanities, and more!

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