Commercial Roofing

Commercial Roofing

At Big Fish Contracting, our experience, expertise, and excellent project management make our team a perfect fit for commercial roofing projects. We understand the special work and process requirements for large-scale condo and apartment buildings, hotels, and restaurants to make your next commercial roofing renovation or build a success!

Specialized Project Management

We understand that large-scale residential projects with multi-owner complexes require additional finesse and sensitivity to keep owners happy and keep the project on track. We are fully insured for jobs of all sizes and types. We have diverse experience with multi-unit buildings and have developed the right skills to move through the process effectively without affecting the day-to-day lives of residents. We are very conscious of tenet needs and try to ensure their lives are as unaffected as possible by the renovation project.

The Right Team

Large projects call for large teams, but sheer numbers won’t get the job done right. We approach large-scale projects with our hand-selected, dedicated roofing professionals with over 20 years of experience and thousands of roofs under our belt. We work as a unit to get jobs done efficiently and effectively while handing over a beautiful and durable roof that will draw attention from residents and customers alike.

The Right Equipment

We’ve been around a long time and we’ve gathered quite the arsenal of specialized equipment for large jobs. From heavy-duty machinery to specialized tools, we have all the right equipment to tackle any job at any time. We keep our work spaces clean, our locations free from dangerous debris, and our equipment in perfect working order.  You don’t achieve the highest level of roofing certification without paying attention to the details.

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