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These are some of the faces you will see at Big Fish Contracting!

Erik Dieringer and Family:

Erik started Big Fish Contracting LLC officially in 2001. Prior to that, they were operating as Dieringer Roofing. He graduated from Waukesha South High School in 1992 and started working in construction shortly thereafter. His 20+ years of experience, particularly in roofing and siding has earned Big Fish Contracting a reputation as an industry leader in exterior renovations in Waukesha and Milwaukee Counties. 

Family Owned and Operated:

Erik and Lindsay have been married for 22 years and have 4 children, Amber, Alex, Hannah and Lola (her name is really Olivia!). Lindsay has been working in the home office for years and you may hear her friendly voice when you call the office! Amber is a college senior at Trinity International University in Deerfield, IL. She has a passion for writing and journalism (sports in particular), but is part of our Social Media team and a blog writer for Big Fish Contracting.  Alex is a freshman at Carrol College and also has a passion for writing and screenplay. You will see him helping Big Fish Contracting with anything his Dad asks for from editing video to washing a truck! Hannah is in 10th grade and is busy playing volleyball while Lola is in 7th grade at North Shore Middle school, you may see her in a drama or singing at Hartland music.


The Big Fish Roofing Crew!! 

Max, Julio, Estaban, Leo, Matsin,Chilito, Roberto, Luciano, Jorge, Lucas, Nico, and Chicito! 

These 12 men are amazing to watch in action and are full of love, joy and work ethic! 

Lisa Van Strien

Lisa brings over a decade of experience to our interior remodeling team. Lisa has incredible vision and talent from a design perspective and excels in her organization and communication both with our customers and project management team. 

Lisa brings a great balance to our “mostly male” team. The lens through which she sees color, beauty, relationships, and people adds tremendous value to our team approach in serving not only our customers but each other as well.





Nick Luce

Nick has been with Big Fish Contracting for over 8 years. Nick is the foreman and quality control for all of the siding and other exterior renovation jobs. Nick is the best siding installer we have ever had grace our team and we are grateful to have him. His attention to detail is unparalleled and many of the outstanding reviews of Big Fish Contracting are because of his outstanding work and customer service!

Nick has been married to Martha for over 10 years and has 4 children. Trinity, Charlotte, Abrahm, and Zack



Chad Whelan

Chad has been serving Big Fish Contracting and our customers for 4 plus years as a roofing and siding consultant. Chad actually worked on our roofing crew 15 years ago while he was in college. Chad loves to serve people! Chad has an exceptional understanding of roofing and siding products, warranties and design and embraces the opportunity to earn your trust!

Chad has been married to Robin for over 10 years. You will see his 4 children, Caeden, Alanna, Caleb and Cameron on a playground or throwing a ball or in a gym around the Lake Country area!


Al Johnson

Al Johnson has been a very close personal friend of the owner Erik for almost 20 years. It took years of asking to lure Al from his successful small remodeling business,  to join the team. Al is our project manager and estimator for the remodeling wing of Big Fish Contracting. His attention to detail, care for people and organizational skills make him an outstanding project manager. Many of our customers continue to have a friendship with Al that lasts long beyond after the work has been completed. You will also see his dog Zoey riding shotgun. We all assume Zoey is the real reason people love Al!

Kerali Kane

Kerali Kane has recently joined our team working in the office as an administrator. Her organizational skills and attention to detail helps keep this ship on course. Big Fish Contracting is blessed by her steady heartbeat of joy and peace in the office. She is married to Richard and they have a beautiful little girl named Amelia




TJ Fortier

Tj has been with Big Fish Contracting for 8 years and is a foreman on our siding crew. Tj’s outstanding attention to detail makes him one of the finest siding installers we have ever seen! Tj has great customer service and communication skills. His years of faithful service to Big Fish Contracting’s customer base is one of the reason’s we have such high regard in the community as a small business. TJ has been married to Karissa for 5 years.  


Our Siding Crew!

If you have Big Fish Contracting install new siding on your home you will get to know Steven, Wallace, and Denis. These men have an incredible attention for detail and take a great amount of pride in their work. It is our goal to be learners and teachers while we are on the job. These men have grown in their understanding and craft over the years making a mark on homes and lives throughout Southeast Wisconsin!