Lake Country Basement Remodel

Basements are the easiest way to increase the usable square footage of your home of your home without expanding beyond its existing footprint. Basements can be incredibly functional and can include a number of rooms for your entire family. That’s exactly what our clients did last summer!

In order to make the most of their space, our clients chose to add a second entertainment room, a bar, a bedroom, a bathroom, and full laundry room to their basement. Working with our designer and project manager, they were able to design a layout that flows well and makes the most of the existing space. Our clients were able to add an incredible amount of square footage to their home and, using modern materials, were able to make the space feel open and light.

Basements do not have to be dark and dingy. In fact, many material suppliers make chic and eye-catching materials made solely for basement use. Our clients were able to work with our designer to select materials and colors to create an elegant and open look to the space, making their basement a comfortable and inviting place to be any time of the day.

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