If you’ve reached the point where your house needs a roof repair or replacement and you’re a handy person, you may be wondering if you can do it yourself. You may have even looked up the average price of a roof replacement and wondered how much cheaper it could be if you purchased and installed the materials on your own.

Repairing or replacing a roof is no small task. Executing quality work and craftsmanship is crucial in protecting your home from further damage. Improperly installed roofing materials can leave your home exposed to the elements and lead to even more costly repairs down the road.

In this article, we’ll help you identify when it may be appropriate to take on a DIY roof repair and when you should bring in professionals!

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When is a DIY Roof Repair Appropriate?

Doing small roofing repairs yourself can be a great option if you’ve got the know-how, the tools, and you want to save money. When your roof needs a small repair and you know exactly what to do, then you may be equipped to do it yourself.

For example, if you have damage to a few shingles and you have the materials needed to replace them, go ahead. Roofing, however, can be dangerous so it is incredibly important to verify your skills and ensure you are taking proper safety measures as you work.

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There are, however, limits to DIY roof repairs.

When it comes to larger, more technical repairs or full-roof replacements, we recommend calling the professionals. This level of roof work isn’t safe unless you have the proper equipment, experience, training, and team. What might look easy from the ground is much more complex and physically demanding once you’re up there. We don’t want you to risk injuring yourself or causing further damage to your roof.

Large-scale roof repair and replacement also requires many different tools and materials. Most times, when you add up the cost of all of the tools, materials, and safety gear you’ll need (for a one-time DIY project) and add the time it takes to actually do the work required, it ends up being a better investment to hire out.

When Should I Hire a Professional Roofing Contractor?

We recommend hiring a professional roofing contractor if:

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The damage to your roof is extensive and technical

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Your entire roof needs to be replaced

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You don’t have the tools or knowledge to repair the roof yourself

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You don’t have the span of time available to repair a roof in one sitting

A professional has the skillset and experience to effectively manage your roofing project and tackle all the technicalities that you may not be able to manage on your own. A good, professional roofing contractor will ensure your work is done correctly without the guesswork or time commitment. When it comes to your personal safety and the safety of your home, there’s too much at stake for you to do it yourself without proper help.

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Other cases that require professional work include:

  • Small replacements on larger surfaces with more complicated roofing system elements
  • Repairing several leaks that have made their way inside of your home
  • When damaged shingles are scattered across your roof
  • Roofing systems with multiple layers where issue identification is difficult
  • Preparing to put your home on the market for new buyers

To Put it Simply, Roof Replacement & Repair is Best Left to the Professionals

While it may seem simple to some, roof replacement is extremely labor-intensive and requires a lot of technical knowledge. The money invested in hiring a professional roof contractor will be well worth it, because you will have a roof that will last you for the next 25 years and the confidence that your home is safe and protected.

​​If your roof needs a professional’s help and you’d like a trusted expert’s opinion, reach out to Big Fish Contracting – we’d love to talk to you about how we can fix it!

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